My Anthropomorphized Electronics Are In Love

Deeply, desperately, delightfully in love.

I noticed it this morning when my faithful laptop, Gilligan began playing multiple songs such as “Friendship” and “Dearest Friend” one after another on shuffle. Oh, but he did not know that this friendship would so rapidly turn into love! Young, naive little Gilligan, your heart speaks faster than your screen!

Because, you see, my friendly iPod Simon began playing such tunes as “Look at Us, Baby” and “Hey There Delilah”, obviously signifying his unrequited and hopeful love for none other than Gilligan, who just earlier had confessed his happiness for such a dear lover. 

When I next turned Simon on during the bus ride back to Minneapolis, he told me his life story. He was in love once before, but his lover was rude! He is glad he belongs to me now (he used belong to my friend), and despite the fact that his lover still loves him, Simon has moved on. He is grateful for the way I treat him and the kindness of Gillligan’s soothing USB port.

Needless to say, the moment I got home, I hooked the two up and left them along for a while.

After they were done syncing (oh baby!), I asked Gil how he felt about Simon, and he responded with “I Want to Save You”, and so naturally, this is a love meant to be!

I will report more on this heart-wrenching love story as it develops.