Of Bomb Threats and Bare Feet

Wow, this was an exceptionally good day! Not only did I spend most of the day without shoes, but I was also one of the many victims of a bomb threat this afternoon! How genial!

During my Psych Stats class this evening, a policeman mozies into our room and says, “Sorry to inturrupt, but we’re evacuating the building. Please leave.” Moments later, another policeman comes in and announces, “We just got a bomb threat for this building, so you’re all gonna have to leave to the next building over.”

So we all get up, but my professor, ever prepared, decides we’re going to the lawn a couple buildings down to finish our stats lecture. This was absolutely delightful for me, since it was so nice out, however, stepping in the pine-needle-infested dead grass made me realize that I had indeed forgotten my shoes in the STSS building I had recently been ushered out of in a frenzy.

Nevertheless, we went on with our studies, for I have an insatiable thirst of knowledge, especially when I can forfeit that knowledge for people-watching and cooing at cute puppies on walks!

At the end of class, naturally, I return to the building to observe the state of things. What I wasn’t prepared for was to stand outside for an hour and a half waiting to be let in.

The best part, though, was that I not only communed with the poor physics class who had left all their belongings in their classroom and had gone without their snackies (which sat uneaten in the basement until we were allowed back into the facility), but also got to meet a bunch of nice cops, speak with the police chief, see the bomb-sniffing dogs AND get on the news! 

We were all very excited to get back into the building, but I didn’t wear my shoes as I ran back home to call my parents and make them proud!